Yadisk Direct Download in Python

A Python snippet for directly downloading Yandex.Disk “Share” links. Specifying the target filename is optional.

Raspberry Pi as a MQTT server

With a price tag of 10$, a form-factor of a business card, power usage under 1 Watt and yet an 1GHz CPU and built-in WiFi, the Raspberry Pi Zero W makes for a great platform for experiments with Linux, networking, software development and tinkering in general. This is a step-by-step guide on how to install Raspbian on a headless Raspberry Pi Zero W, configure a couple of system services and setup a mosquitto MQTT server. Some of the steps are mostly for convenience and are optional.

Onboard LEDs? NodeMCU's got two!

Blinking a LED is the “Hello, world” of embedded programming and most development board have an integrated LED. This makes it easier to run a basic piece of code, without having to hookup any external components.

Garbled Text over Serial?!

A bunch of grabage symbols is nothing to worry about